All our products are available for the purchase on our website (My MJ) and with our partners. We provide several free trial periods so that you could easily evaluate and appraise our products before you make a decision to purchase one of our items. The trial period helps you evaluate our product to make sure that it meets all your desired needs before you get a license.

You always have at least 15 days to decide whether you want to return a product. The reflection time starts on the day on which you receive your order. The return procedure and the return costs are different per webshop. If the procedure is not clear, you can contact the webshop where you purchased the product. The contact details of the shop can be found in the order confirmation email that you receive from us after completing the order.

How Does Our Refund Policy work?

If you are not satisfied with the products & services, you’ll get a refund. You can get a reimbursement within 15 days from the date you made your purchase.

General Refunds, Delivery Policy

My MJ is liable to refund for the product/service in the event that the conveyance is wrongly depicted, not the same as the one appeared in demo or does not play out the exercises it should do.

  1. Your consent to giving a valid reason/verification for a return alongside the points of interest of issues you’re standing up to with the products.
  2. My MJ will just refund to the card (credit/debit)/Bank Account through which we received the payment from your side.
  3. You acknowledge/enable us to deduct charges bank/card (credit/debit) company applies on the amount we are refunding.

Refund will be made within 10 days of first signing up. Subject to the customer was able to perform the operation as stated with the demonstration version but the functionality wasn’t there in the final version, in such a case, we’ll provide you with a full refund excluding the shipping cost.

Do you have questions about the order, delivery or warranty of a product? Then you can go to the relevant webshop. You will find the contact details of the webshop in the order confirmation that you receive from us. Visit our customer service page for more information.